Coach Gavin McHale
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Maverick
The Business Coach for Today's Personal Trainer
Helping you build a profitable & sustainable coaching business the RIGHT way

That even allows you to travel for weeks without fear  of lost money!
(like this 5-week trek to New Zealand --> )

Coach Gavin McHale
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Maverick
The Business Coach For Today's Personal Trainer
Helping you build a profitable & sustainable coaching business the RIGHT way.

That even allows you to travel for weeks without fear of lost money!

Want to build a more sustainable personal training business?
Most coaches are making it up as they go...
Ever tried to go somewhere new without a map? 

Thats how most coaches approach their business... and end up feeling completely overwhelmed and turned around instead of getting to their destination without any hiccups.

We know we can coach and get results that more people in this world BADLY need. But when you don't have the directions to build the business it's easy to get stuck or spin your wheels, doing things that don't work.  

It's time to end the confusion and overwhelm. Click below and we can help you get clarity on the direction and roadmap to get you where you want to go.
About Me
Gavin McHale
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Maverick
Gavin is the premier expert in the personal training industry in helping established coaches build sustainable and profitable businesses - FAST.
  • ​Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology
  • ​Certified Exercise Physiologist & Functional Performance Coach
  • High Impact Coaching & Hybrid Fit Biz Mentorship Graduate
  • ​Founder of Maverick Coaching
Hear From Our Clients

"I went from $5k to over $11k a month in just over 8 weeks!"

Brent Lohmer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Winnipeg

"I brought in over $4k in one week when I needed it most thanks to Gavin's advice."

Stephen Galietta, Strength Coach and Gym Owner, New York

"I was able to take most of my business online and I'm now serving more ideal clients than ever!"

Stephanie Thompson, Kinesiologist, Toronto 

"I went from $5k a month to over $8k with some simple tweaks and Gavin's guidance"

Megan Pomeransky, Athletic Therapist, Winnipeg
Hear From Our Clients

"I went from $5k to over $11k a month in just over 8 weeks!"

Brent Lohmer, Strength & Conditioning Coach  

"I had nearly a dozen sales conversations with my target market during the final 2 weeks of the course."

Lindsay Schluter, Personal Trainer

"I finally have clarity around where I want my business to go and how to get there."

Stephanie Thompson, Kinesiologist 

"Mavericks allowed me to branch out on my own, knowing I'd start making money right away."

Jon Jorundson, Strength & Conditioning Coach
If you're an overworked and underpaid personal trainer, you're not alone.
The steps seemed so simple.

     1. Become certified as a coach
     2. Follow your passion and do what you love, working in sweatpants every day
     3. Work for yourself and help THOUSANDS of people along the way!

At least that's what I thought...
But somehow this whole coaching thing hasn’t been all that I thought it would be.

I’m supposed to be making money doing what I love… but I’m hardly loving this right now.
It’s been 2+ years since I started coaching and I’m still barely paying my rent and grocery bills.

I’m not afraid to work hard. I know I can do this!
But, I’ve been doing everything they told me to do, and it's just not working.

And I see all the other coaches doing the same stuff and none of them are getting there either. Everyone is exhausted and no one is making as much as they feel they're worth.
Does this actually work for anyone?

I know I’m good! I know people need me! But I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and going in circles.
And the stupid Instagram marketers out there “pretending” to be real coaches are the ones getting all the clients.

... I just don’t want to have to be a sleazy salesman to get clients.
What I can do is life changing! When I start coaching someone, they stick around and get great results!
It's just so hard to find the people that are ready to pay for it.

I see all these people on social media going from zero to a BILLION in like 47 minutes. I don’t get it!
I know I’m just as good if not better than them. 

Why can’t I do this?
What if I’m not good enough?
I can’t go back to a real job. 
That would kill me - and prove all my doubters were right.

…I just don’t know if I keep this up. 


Is this the unwelcome track playing on repeat in your head?
If this is your internal dialogue…
I get it. I've been there.
Working every hour of the day, with a few clients paying session by session, scraping together cash and having to do the math at the grocery store every week.

I went ALL IN on the self-employed personal training journey… 
I spent boatloads on certifications and coaching and was forking over most of my hard earned money to my gym, 
but something just wasn’t clicking…

Was it the methods I was taught?
Was it the industry itself?
…was it just me?

I knew I could help people and I wanted it to work so badly.
But I knew if I couldn’t figure it out fast, I would have to give up.

I felt like a failure.

But ONE conversation with a mentor changed everything...
He said, “Gavin, when are you going to realize that having a great service and being a great coach is NOT ENOUGH. 

If you have a great product or service and you get it to no one… you have ZERO impact.

It's your responsibility to learn how to market and promote yourself better than all the marketers out there. So that people get your incredible services, rather than their sub-par ones."

"By not enrolling them into your program, you're doing them a huge disservice and pushing them to less qualified coaches who will sell them. "

That was the moment everything changed.

I committed to learning how to build a real business (and not just a 'side hustle' like most personal trainers have), better than anyone out there.

I started to learn and relearn everything I could on messaging, marketing, sales and business methods - what works and what doesn’t SPECIFICALLY for the personal training industry.

 And I increased my prices (and the value I provided) 40% that next week
I was worried my current clients wouldn't commit to the higher price, but knew that even with some drop off, I'd still be making the same and get better results with those that stuck around.

Then everyone stuck around...

I was worried I wouldn't be able to enroll any new clients at higher prices - but enrolled my first one from a referral the week after.

Then another...
And another...
And another...

I was doing it! My income went up $3k that first month! And I had the systems in place to provide massive value without working myself to the bone.

All with an Instagram following of less than 1000 and a Facebook community full of family and friends.

WOW! Cashflow… what an amazing thing.

Cashflow does 3 beautiful things in your business:
     1. It gives you space to breathe and perform higher for your clients - and actually pay yourself
     2. It gives you leverage to scale faster - invest into your development and automation
     3. It gives clients better results! - I know weird right?! People who pay more, pay more attention. 

Getting off the ground is the hardest part… and I had done it!
Now the business was taking off, growing every month after that.

And as the business grew so did my impact - other trainers started asking me what I was doing and why I was able to help so many people and travel for 5 weeks with my girlfriend.

I finally felt like I was living my purpose. Helping hundreds of people change their lives and I was have a blast doing it. I had never made more in my life and I was getting paid to do work I loved.

I literally felt like I was dreaming.

But I had learned 1 important thing...
If I had followed what the other coaches were doing, I’d get the same results they were getting… Mediocre income and minimal impact. That would have lead to burnout and a distaste for something that once brought me so much joy. It was so obvious. But I just couldn’t see it then. 

THAT'S why the average career length of a personal trainer is 1 to 3 years, according to the Australian Fitness Network.

But I refuse to let that be the story moving forward…

Which is why I built the Maverick Coaching System - the full recipe to build a profitable and sustainable personal training business, even if you don’t have a big audience or online brand.

It's the same process that helped me take my business to over 6 figures a year and has helped over a dozen other coaches grow their business in the last 3 months alone.

I got sick of seeing good coaches not getting to the people that need them.

The Maverick Coaching System is not the “silver bullet” marketing tactic of the month that only works for 2% of people. It isn’t some band-aid solution that only covers part of what's needed and you don’t have to spend thousands on Facebook ads to make it work. 
It's the full recipe to help coaches:
  • Charge premium prices (…and stop the session-by-session hamster wheel)
  • ​Generate consistent, quality leads (...without spending $$ on ads)
  • And scale their impact to thousands (...from anywhere in the world)
... all while working less hours

The principles aren’t new. They’ve been honed and refined by the best business and marketing experts in the world for decades, but…

The way we implement them is specifically designed to help coaches build profitable and sustainable businesses fast, in the modern economy.

The recipe works... but it doesn’t work for everyone. You must already:
      1. Get great results with your current clients
      2. Be an action taker
      3. Be fully committed to helping others

But if that's you, then the Maverick Coaching System might be a good fit for you.

And if you want to see if you’d be a good fit, I want to offer you a free clarity call with me or someone from my team.

On the call we'll dig into where your business is at currently, what you have tried (or haven’t), what's working and what's not, and get clarity around what you would need to focus on to build your business.

You can start by booking a time for your clarity call below:
Click here to book a free call

These times book up fast so make sure you grab one if something is available

This might be the best 15 minutes you’ll ever spend in your business so don’t wait to grab your spot now:
Because as the great Tony Robbins says, "Success is 80% who you are and 20% what you do."
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