Because getting sidelined SUCKS.
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Stop Ignoring Those
Nagging Aches and Pains.
Pain-Free Performance is possible.
Her name is Marla and I’ve known her for a long time.

She’s infuriating and unpredictable. She pops up at the most inopportune moments. She’s temperamental and easy to anger. She can make my life a living hell.

I don’t particularly enjoy having Marla around, but I’m stuck with her. Really, really stuck with her. She’s an irritation that I just can’t shake.

A lot like her namesake, actually.
Marla is the name I gave my left hip.

I always thought that if I just catered to my achy hip, occasionally gave it some additional rest, and foam rolled the shit out of it, I’d be fine.

I was training carefully just like I was supposed to. I was focusing on all of the exercises that would make me stronger for skating. I watched my nutrition. I stretched and did prehab. I listened to what my body was telling me.


But Marla kept showing up uninvited. She got harder and harder to ignore. Until eventually, it got so bad, I couldn’t skate anymore.

I didn’t understand it. I was doing everything right! But suddenly I couldn’t even play the sport that I loved because I was in too much pain.
How Did I Let It Get So Bad?
Okay. So I wasn’t doing EVERYTHING right…

I wore the pain in my hip as a badge of honor. Something that labeled me more hardcore than everyone else because I skated in excruciating pain and couldn’t walk the next morning.

I was looking at playing through pain as a right of passage, as just the way things were, as something that probably couldn’t be fixed (so why even try?). When really it was just dumb.

I wasn’t hardcore. I was dumb.

Why play through pain when I didn’t have to?

That’s the question I should have been asking myself.

I should have known better, of course. But even as a personal trainer with a degree in exercise science, I was pushing myself through exercises that didn’t feel great. I had accepted my lot in life as always being the player with an injury.

But it didn’t have to be that way...

Don't be a
Peter Griffin.

Pain-Free Performance Is Possible.

Athletes have two things in common:

        1) Love of the game.
        2) Propensity toward injury.

And, if you’re anything like me, a secret third thing: the willingness to ignore your injury no matter how bad it gets.

I get it. We’re competitive by nature. We hop on the treadmill at the gym and race the person next to us. But when we hurt, we can’t possibly play at our best.

And that sucks.

So you keep pushing your training the way you always have. Or you take a break for a few days or a week. Until you can’t hold back anymore.

Maybe your aches and pains go away for awhile. Maybe they don’t. Maybe training differently crosses your mind. Maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to always playing at a little bit less than your best because the only other alternative feels like not playing at all.

But you don’t have to let Marla keep hanging around.

We're Gavin and Emily.
And the truth is: WE'VE BEEN THERE.

Former Western Hockey League goaltender and skinny kid turned online strength coach. He is currently a beer league superstar and lover of lifting heavy things. He takes pride in helping others decrease their clothing budget because tarps should always be optional.

EMILY: Current okay roller derby athlete and injury magnet that wants to help others avoid them. She much prefers blocking to jamming and deadlifting to squats. And believes athletes should train like they are athletes. Crazy, right?

We've been there.

And we've built something to keep you from being there.

Pain-Free Performance.

It’s normal to get so caught up in training for strength, speed, power, or endurance that you assume you’re doing all you can. And that you’re stuck with the pain you experience as just a part of your sport.

All it takes is a few tweaks to what you’re doing. You can still train to be strong, fast, and powerful. But you can also feel better.

Check it:

Killer Coaching
Access to a private Facebook group and 2 strength & conditioning coaches to answer your questions, keep you motivated, and help you build an efficient and effective plan.
New Training Program Each Month
New training programs every 4 weeks to keep the improvements in performance coming and kick those minor injuries to the curb.

Specifically built to help you avoid plateaus and keep getting better.

Clarity & Direction
Not only will there be programming provided each month, but you'll also get a chance to dig into bettering your nutrition, improving your mental toughness, and tightening up your form.

Because training is more than just physical.

TL;DR => Let us help you improve your athletic performance, decrease your nagging aches and pains, and keep playing the sport you love.

Stop being a hardcore, injured idiot and play to your potential.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It
(listen to our community)
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Join for #strengthseptember.

Stay for the rest of the great content.

While September's focus is on increasing your strength massively over 4 weeks, each month comes with its own awesome training program and killer coaching.

You can join us for the challenge and cancel at the end of the month, be part of a 4 month training cycle, or sign on for the full year!
Is PFP For You, Though?
YES. If you're an athlete or former athlete looking to:

        • improve performance
        • reduce pain
        • decrease risk of injury
        • look better
        • feel better

Then Pain-Free Performance is definitely for you. Hop into a group of coaches and other athletes that are just as competitive, dedicated, and (semi) crazy as you are.

HOWEVER, if you are new to strength training, have been diagnosed with a recent injury or arthritis, and/or need more 1-on-1 customized attention...this may not work.

If you want to talk about other options, hunt us down and email us.
Do I need to have a gym membership?
A gym membership is ideal. But if you have some equipment at home, we can work with you. We create a list of modifications for folks that are limited equipment-wise. Just make sure that you share with us what you have to work with.

However, you do need SOME equipment:  dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench are the minimum. 
How many days per week will I need to train?
The program has 3 training days per week. They're challenging workouts, but that also gives you time during the week to get to practice, if you have it. And maybe (definitely) have a life of your own. Remember, rest is part of the program!
Is their coaching provided with this program?
Yes. The two of us and other athletes that are into pain-free performance all hang out on the Facebook page. Not only can you ask questions there anytime you have them, but we talk about ways to push yourself harder in the gym and on the track/field, fix your form, beef up your nutrition, and more.
SWEET. How do I sign up?
Click one of the red payment buttons on this page choosing the membership level that best fits your budget and what you need from us. We'll collect your order info and give you some directions to get you set up in the program. Easy.
As personal trainers that play sports, we're often approached by our teammates asking us questions about how to fix a nagging injury.


We give you some advice that you probably don't follow. Then we never chat about it again.

Here's the deal. If your body hurts from playing (or living), it's not going to stop hurting unless you ACTIVELY do something about it. You need to stretch, do prehab, train in a specific's a lot to think about.


We -- 2 personal trainers that know a thing or two about being athletes -- have designed a program to improve your performance while helping you fix some of those aches and pains that you keep asking us about.

You could not do anything, of course.

That's always an option.'s that been working for you so far?
The program you're looking for to feel better & play better.
Come train with us.
Experience Pain-Free Performance.
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P.S: Upon clicking any of the red buttons on this page, you'll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information. Make sure to use card information that can be withdrawn from EVERY MONTH as this is a subscription service. Once your subscription has gone through, you'll be taken to a thank you page with further instructions. Let's get started!
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